Make Build America Back Great Better Again — The Wine Patch

Move over MAGA, BBB is here.

I have studied the creation, development, ingredients, and adverse effects of the SARS-COV-2 genetic jab for nearly a year now. So much so, I could probably pass a biology test on the basics of the science.

However, despite my ardent investigative rigor, just this week I uncovered new information which leaves me even more horrified at the hellish nature of this genetic potation.

Note to self: When the government, corporate media, big tech, and big pharma all concur and collude to project a unified narrative upon the screen of our uninformed citizenry, you can bet the farm that a scandalous lie is being sold. (Then again, you probably already lost your farm to Bill Gates’ monopolistic land seize).

The lies and deceptions being propagated today are not just inconvenient falsehoods or hapless white lies. No, what is happening today is a mass-hypnotic deception that, if left unchecked, will convince our populace to willfully march in lockstep off a cliff.

Having learned well not to trust what I am told, my next investigative foray has been through the endless pages of the Build Back Better Bill. The demons who incanted this proposed legislation are counting on one foundational assumption; you will never take the time to read it.

Despite the heroic efforts of the 2022 Speaker, Bill HR 5376 was pushed through the House like a lump of clay through a Play-Doh Factory. It doesn’t matter which mould is used, the output from this chamber is precisely as lifeless as the input. We can only pray that the Senate erects a wall against this repulsively un-American set of propositions.

While I don’t pretend to be a microbiologist nor a counselor of governmental law, there are some basic things to consider. Like, your privacy.

The Build Back Better buffoonery bill adds salary for 87,000 new IRS Agents and 10,000 Department of Justice Tax Analysts to the government roles. Why such a massive, CCP-like expansion? They will serve the sole purpose of — monitoring and reporting on how you and I spend our money.

Once more than $10,000.00 has moved through your bank account in a given year, the trigger is pulled for this battalion of auditors to begin spying on you. What treachery are they in search of, you may ask? If they find charitable donations to a conservative candidate, or money given to a right-leaning cause, or contributions to a Pro-Life group, or transactions which are deemed not green enough- brace yourself. Because your bank can now temporarily or permanently suspend your ability to conduct commerce.

It’s called ESG.

Environmental Social Governance is an integral part of this bill, but first, realize that the primary tenets have already been quietly scaffolded into our banking system. You should pay very close attention to the provisions.

If you violate any of their arbitrary scoring rules, which are as nebulous as social media Community Guidelines, you can and will be canceled. Your Debit Card, Credit Card, Line of Credit, and Savings accounts can all be shut down, you can be denied lending, and if the home you are purchasing is not carbon neutral, you will not be approved for a mortgage.

ESG is geared for the rich, benefits the left, and punishes the right.

ESG is the emerging Western equivalent of the Chinese Social Scoring system. Communist China has long used a Social Scoring system to shackle its’ people into compliance with overreaching, dictatorial choke-holds. In this type of system, perpetual subjugation is the normal state of human existence.

No American citizen with a thinking brain should ever agree to this sinister brand of financial servitude.

Have no doubt, Biden made promises in Glasgow that are now encased within the BBB bill. Yet, notice how none of the corporate news outlets are giving us an ounce of journalistic insight into any of this. If a truth falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

Next, pray that you don’t own a small business that utilizes fossil fuel in an anti-climate justice manner. Imagine large landscaping crews spending most of their day in search of charging stations for their all-electric fleet of equipment. Then realize that one hour of Chinese factory emissions releases more greenhouse gases than every landscaping crew in the U.S. does for an entire year — combined.

Speaking of energy, one section of the bill allocates 8 billion dollars to fund their own Department of Energy. Can we agree that wind and solar will never provide even a fraction of the juice our country requires?

Today, if every solar and wind battery was connected to the national grid, it would provide us with 14 seconds of power. 14 seconds. Why is this administration intent on eliminating all use of the abundant resources Our Creator deposited in the planet for us long before reliable, robust replacements are even remotely ready?

Hey Malibu and Topanga California: How was your Thanksgiving? Since our furthest left state is the bellwether of progressive policies coming soon to a town near you, this is a valuable report. At 2 am Thanksgiving morning, the state shut down the decrepit power grid in these mostly exclusive areas.

Imagine as dinner hosts awakened to find their food already spoiling in the fridge and no ability to cook for the friends and family already on their way.

The Build Back Better Bill guarantees rolling brownouts and massive power outages because our existing grids are wildly outdated and the development of new infrastructures has not even commenced. This is why we suddenly hear Democratic proponents of the bill parroting a phrase not heard since WWII: Americans will just have to learn how to live with less.

What a fabulous campaign slogan.

Electric cars are pretty cool, but we are not even close to having the infrastructure or renewable power sources required to charge all these vehicles. So remember when you have no electricity, and no food, and a car that has no power, John Kerry is the one who vowed to end the use of coal by 2030. Meanwhile, he agreed to let China and India continue to bellow their poisonous pollutions into our atmosphere until well past 2070.

You have to wonder: Why do our leaders despise us so much?

This is just a glimpse into the dangerous provisions around banking and energy. Let’s pull the lens back to see a few more of the lowlights.

Despite the left’s endless pronouncements against Republican tax cuts, this bill contains enormous tax cuts for the wealthiest of Democrats who live in the bluest of states. And following their desire to transform our country into a borderless plot of land, the boost to mass immigration and amnesty in this bill is staggering.

Plainly said, people who violated existing U.S. law to enter our country will be fast-tracked for Green Cards and instantly eligible for benefits few citizens have ever dreamed of: Free health care, free tuition, an enhanced Child Tax Credit, and bagfuls of cash to cover living expenses.

Benevolence? Altruism? Humanitarianism? Or perhaps this is all designed as a finger in the eye to the traditional, law-abiding, hardworking, family-raising American lifestyle? I’ll let you guess which finger.

This ignoble dumpster fire of a bill removes all funding prohibitions for any contracts, subcontracts, or grants to any entity involved in the use of Uyghur Muslim slaves in Xinjiang, China. Meaning, any business knowingly benefiting from Uyghur slave labor can enjoy continued betterment with no restrictions, penalties, or limitations raised against it. You can bet the NBA submitted multiple drafts to this section.

Why does Biden love illegal settlers and the Communist Chinese leaders more than his fellow American citizens?

The Wokeability factor of this bill is gargantuan. For example, it provides “… care for pregnant, lactating and postpartum individuals and individuals with an intent to become pregnant.” Has “woman” become a four-letter word? We’ve become so scientifically advanced, humans are the only species to abandon the identitarian shackles of man and woman, male and female.

As you would expect, this bill is replete with flashy terms like inclusion, diversity, gender identity, climate, justice, and much of the woke lexicon which is virulently spoken yet rarely defined.

Heck, there is even a section on Tree Equity! Who knew the pines were oppressing the maples?

As a parting thought, pay close attention to the global forces vying for America to denigrate herself to no longer be a world leader. Ignorantly, many Americans are cheering for just such a thing. But you miss the trap; these global forces don’t care about you, your social justice, or your dreams of equity.

While Biden tries to give away America as hastily he did Afghanistan, know full well there are powerful people with their demonic talons on the global dials. Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum is a thoroughly evil oligarchy of the worst kind.

Klaus’s Global Leaders School has hatched radical graduates like Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Tony Blair, Gavin Newsome, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezo’s, and Pete Buttigieg. These are just some of the names you know. Far more dangerous are the names you don’t.

Think about why European leaders destroyed their own countries via mass immigration and notoriously vicious Covid lockdowns? Democracy is an inconvenience these global elitists will no longer tolerate. Behold the unrest in Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, and Belgium. It is all an upsurge and revolt against totalitarian leadership.

While people endlessly mock MAGA on the sole assumption American was never great to begin with, we should all be shouting from the rooftops that the Build Back Better bill is an initiative to appease and benefit the global oligarchy while castrating and indenturing our very own citizenry.

With historically dismal approval ratings and not a single policy change which has benefited our country, I wonder why Biden is avoiding course correction to right his popularity ship? Methinks they are willfully sacrificing the 2022 and 2024 elections — so long as they can smoosh these globalist bills through the Play-Doh Factory.

Welcome to the pregame show for the Great Reset.

Originally published at on December 5, 2021.




New writer, old liver. Son, husband, father, worshipper. And an Ironman...

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Keith G.

Keith G.

New writer, old liver. Son, husband, father, worshipper. And an Ironman...

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